Best Web Hosting 2021


We tested over 30 host providers and cross tested it with 10 years of data hosting hundreds of our clients websites to help you find the top host in United States.

Comparing Prices

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Web HostPrice1 year2 years3 yearsPro PlanREVIEWS
iPage Price: 11 Year: 542 Year: 843 Years: 126Pro Plan: N/A Price: 2.251 Year: 452 Year: 903 Years: 135Pro Plan: 19.95
FatCow Price: 0.501 Year: 562 Year: 883 Years: 132Pro Plan: N/A
WebHosting Hub Price: 1.951 Year: 71.402 Year: 118.803 Years: 142.20Pro Plan: N/A
Network Solutions Price: 0.991 Year: 119.522 Year: 239.043 Years: 334.8Pro Plan: 24.46
Inmotion Business Hosting Price: 3.491 Year: 83.42 Year: 142.803 Years: N/APro Plan: 7.95
Host Gator Price: 3.961 Year: 66.722 Year: 114.243 Years: 152.64Pro Plan: 10.36 Price: 0.501 Year: 143.42 Year: 286.83 Years: N/APro Plan: 29.13
GoDaddy Price: 1.991 Year: 56.882 Year: 107.763 Years: 152.64Pro Plan: 8.49
Bluehost Price: 3.951 Year: 107.42 Year: 190.803 Years: 250.20Pro Plan: 24.95

When deciding upon a package plan for a Web Hosting Company; the most crucial component being price is the most difficult element to arrive at. Why? Simply, because in terms of pricing, packages vary on the basis of advanced functionality and plan’s length. We have compiled a year wise list of web hosting plans offered by these top 10 ranking companies. All price mentioned below are in USD.


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Hosting Plans – TYPES

Price is primarily impacted by the type of hosting plan you choose. Minimal charges occur in case of shared hosting i.e. many sites on a shared server. However, the type of hosting plans carry associated magnitude of flexibility and range of options with them. Depending upon features, shared hosting, for example, comes with varying hosting plans including marketing credits, tools for building a website, script libraries adding further to increased disk space, bandwidth and the number of domains. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, a step above in comparison to shared hosting offers more control and increased flexibility. Though costly, you secure customizability, features and security. At a mere fraction of cost, features of dedicated hosting (needed to manage high end traffic on personally owned servers) are achieved via VPS managing your budget and keeping you strengthened enough. You get an optimized user experience and complete control over website security. An all-inclusive price plan delivers dedicated server plan management i.e. all costs of maintenance, databases, cPanels and customer support, whilst others though affordable do not offer maintenance support.

Fixed Fee Monthly Plans

Such plans are particularly suited to those who prefer managing controlled budgets since fixed amount to pay per month. To ensure effective working of your website, you must understand and keep intact the ram, space and bandwidth usage to stay in budget. Well regarded customized plan allow a money saving option, but, in the long run only. However, always remember that setup costs in certain cases may range from 50 to 100 USD as per the chosen hosting plan.

Need Based Assessments

Craft a thorough plan based on your needs instead of rushing for an all-inclusive package. Firstly, understand monthly payment estimates, develop a budget and then find a hosting plan. Knowing your own needs in great detail will earn you the right web hosting service provider.