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Shared or Dedicated Webhosting- Which path to choose?

When your website is developed, the server type on which it will be hosted depends on the choice you are making. Both shared and dedicated webhosting service have their advantages and disadvantages. The most obvious amongst them is the price factor. Regardless of the choice you make, serving your business with a dedicated server is comparatively expensive and the amount you spend must be justified with the purpose being served.

Shared Server Defined

This server hosts your website along with many other websites residing on the same network. The number of websites that are hosted on a server depends on the particular web host’s equipment. The affordability for such a server is the key attractive factor. Many individuals and small businesses nowadays are opting for this web hosting which makes much sense.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The greatest benefit that shared hosting offers is price efficiency. However there are a number of disadvantages your website can suffer from. First one is downtime which obviously isn’t your fault. If one website on the server goes down, it may affect others down the road. Furthermore, a security breach negatively impacts as well. Yet another issue is bandwidth; when one of the websites starts using a great amount of bandwidth, this causes the entire server to slow down. However, a high quality server hosting is sure to mitigate much of these problems.

Dedicated Server Defined

With entire control of the server in your hands, you are actually paying for the exclusive use when it comes to dedicated webhosting. Though it is an expensive elect for any business, there are times when choosing it over shared service makes sense for your business.


The biggest advantage is having more control over the entire environment of your website. This also involves having greater possibilities to install more software including operating system. Another advantage is having more security over each and everything that you possess over your server. Dedicated webhosting offers higher security and protects your content. Also your website stays stable throughout i.e. downtime is almost always negligible and all technical aspects of your website are well handled proactively so that not a single issue is faced by you as a website owner. This protects your website from counting down on customer visits. This means that large amount of traffic is easily handled.

It must be noted down that dedicated server is not just for online businesses that take orders, at times; blogs become so popular that user frequency demands a dedicated service.