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How to Make Domain Transfer Happen Perfectly

In order to transfer your domain or hosting account to a new provider, the very first task is to find a domain provider. This domain transfer will be worth a deal when you grab hold of what your earlier domain provider was not offering. Be mindful, that easy, simple and use-friendly, are few things which any customer is looking for. You should be looking for someone offering what you exactly need to keep your website running in an adequate fashion. You have to bundle your hosting accounts and your domain.

Whatever reason you may come across for transferring your domain, it is important to seek the right way how it will happen and you should plan accordingly. This will help you prevent from down time or any other problems pertaining to smooth functioning of your website. Let’s see few basic steps to have a proper idea.

Making your new account

The first step towards transferring your account is to register for a new account. By new account we mean new hosting or domain registration account. This will help you configure all your data related to your previous account. You can copy all the files on the new registered account. This will also help in fast transfers because sometimes it takes a lot of delays while setting up new login, maybe some days. Therefore, you should be proactive enough so you don’t want to face any delays.

Discover the settings for DNS and Name server

After setting up the new account you need to update your hosting provider’s domain name server and DNS settings.  You need to do this otherwise your domain will not work at all. Make sure that you are ready for this transition and it is very important for you to know all the settings regarding this. This can take couple of hours to completely set up, so just be patient and sure about the information as soon as the process has started. It’s mandatory to ensure that before starting this process, it doesn’t give you a downtime on your website.

Staying in Touch with Both Existing And New Providers

Another important point is to stay in touch with your current and new domain providers. You need to tell them about updating your domain. Take all the necessary information and also learn about all necessary elements before transferring. Your questions might include the settings that you are trying to do manually or is there a special way according to which they will set up your new account. New account might be required since you are transferring a website or even making a new one.

Data Backup

As we know when ever we are transferring anything from one hosting provider to another we also make a backup for security purposes. This also saves your data which could be otherwise lost during the process. Therefore, make it really sure that you have all the files and settings backed up. In the time of crisis, this will help you to restore default settings.