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Dedicated Hosting Providers – Top 5

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Web HostPriceHard Drive (GB)RAM (GB)Bandwidth (TB)RATINGREVIEWS
Inmotion Business Hosting $199.95Hard Drive (GB): 2 x 160RAM (GB): 2Bandwidth (TB): 2.5
GoDaddy $79.99Hard Drive (GB): 2 x 160RAM (GB): 2Bandwidth (TB): 5
Crystone $99Hard Drive (GB): 500 GB SATARAM (GB): 1Bandwidth (TB): 5
1&1 $59.99Hard Drive (GB): 2 x 250 SATARAM (GB): 2Bandwidth (TB): N/A
HostGator $174Hard Drive (GB): 2X 250RAM (GB): 2Bandwidth (TB): 10

Amongst a number of bargain hosting packages available, professional webmasters always rely on dedicated hosting. The main reason being several benefits dedicated service offers over shared hosting and Virtual Private Servers (VPSs) which are usually considered a cheap dedicated servers’ alternatives.

In a matter of a few minutes, you can easily hit your pick from the list of top 5 Dedicated Hosting Providers.


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Dedicated Hosting – Fundamentals:

This hosting service is provided by high quality web hosting companies in which entire web server is leased by the subscriber for his/her own use. On the contrary, most of the other hosting packages are normally shared across a number of subscribers, thereby; reducing the server security levels and hence causing other issue when subscribers mishandle the allocated resources. Sever sharing is one step ahead than just sharing disk space. This in fact means sharing server resources.

Server In-Charge:

Being in-charge of the server means, you have full access to all the resources of the server with a dedicated hosting package. This allows you to be in complete control of specifying your precise hardware requirements without troubling other subscribers and their services. With a VPS, although guaranteed minimum resources are obtained, there are a number of hardware resources which are never split on an equal note among various VPSs on a single server. Dedicated hosting empowers you to completely use server’s processor and memory. A server with 2 processors gives you approx. 8 cores and you also receive memory slots filled to the maximum in case you demand.

Another benefit that comes with having a server is that you gain complete control over reliability and system performance. Only you can affect the server running. Whether shared or dedicated hosting, all are susceptible to attack by malicious hackers and you likewise have to look after it to save reliability and performance standards. The best gain is the capacity to immediately take an action when something goes wrong with your server without waiting for a customer service department to resolve it for you.

Root Access to Web Hosting Server:

Subscribers are granted root access to servers with only VPS and dedicated hosting. VPS however only allows access to virtual severs whereas with dedicated hosting, the actual hardware can be accessed. This enables you to have complete charge of the server and grants you the capability to configure it the way you want. Also you can host any type of website or install any application as you may require.

The importance of root access to server also becomes evident from the perspective of your system’s reliability and security. At times the possibility of unexpected resource overloads may occur but with root access in hand, establishing alerts and responding to surprise occurrences can be easily ascertained. Dedicated hosting cannot be topped when it comes to security. Latest hardware security features like hardware firewalls will be provided to you by your host but software security as you require can be easily configured at your end.

When it comes to dedicated server, root access is made available through remote desktop software meaning by, you get server control from any computer which is equipped with an internet connection.

Top Tier Customer Service:

One of the greatest benefits of dedicated web hosting is that the subscribers get top-tier customer support. Why? Because this group of customers make up the very backbone of company’s revenue stream and their requests are taken quite seriously. Such priority customers make a great difference in emergency situations pertaining to customers and are dealt with utmost care.

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Website downtime is killing machine that can make you customer prefer other hosting companies. Not only you will lose new business but also your customers’ confidence for the lifetime.

Those businesses that have high volume of visitors and have large, complex website structures, dedicated hosting is their perfect solution because such servers are more reliable, stable and customizable as compared to other hosting service. The only downside is the demanding requirement of high quality and experienced IT technicians to run the show, still which can be handled through purchasing a managed package.