Best Web Hosting 2021


We tested over 30 host providers and cross tested it with 10 years of data hosting hundreds of our clients websites to help you find the top host in United States.

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Deciding the Required Web Hosting Features

Whenever you think about having a website for yourself or your business, the first step is to decide upon the number of features you wish to have. This is totally dependent on what you really require because there are a lot of companies in the market offering myriads of features. The features are wrapped in the cost of the offered hosting plan. Certain services are offered at a cost which is otherwise available for free.

Determine Site’s Purpose – The Objective

When you truly understand the purpose of your website, you can easily make out what features you really need since all websites are designed with a core objective in mind. This outline whether your website will be a simple brochure informing users about business and its services along with contact details or you intend to build an ecommerce website selling products or services over the internet. This calls for determining your website’s objective. Also the element of flexibility must be kept in mind.

Scalability of Services

Scalable is defined as the web hosting company allowing you to grow your business through growing your website. This translates into starting with brochure site and then deciding later on if you wish you expand it further for selling your products/services online. This requires that your web host must offer scalability of services to foster the growth of your business and accommodate all your needs. This is offered by many web hosting providers as a comprehensive plan without charging more for it.

All-Inclusive Plans

The webhosting companies offer comprehensive plans that quickly enable publishing your website. However the element to grow further still remains an exclusive deal. The offered plan you have got must be scalable to your future needs such as your requirement for unlimited bandwidth, disk space or unlimited email addresses etc. must be particularly associated to your domain name. In order to develop your strong web strong, the element of flexibility is the key.

Site Builders

This includes the deal to automatically build your website through automated site building software. This is a handy tool for even the non-technical user because if you as a website owner want your site up and running ASAP. Also additional tools for adding components are only a few hours’ drive.

Applications & Add-ons

A great variety of open source applications and add-ons are offered by web hosting companies. This gives you high potential to showcase your web presence in a more desirable manner. The applications and add-ons include forum software, databases, blog software, shopping carts, image galleries, content management systems etc.

Customer Support

Yet another but one of the most important features when deciding for a web hosting provider is the customer support offered. Enhanced weightage is given to technical support availability at all times. This should be accessible round the clock not just through telephones but via email, chat or other options.
In order to be competitive, always think of the long term when you dedice about the features to be taken from a webhosting company.