Best Web Hosting 2021


We tested over 30 host providers and cross tested it with 10 years of data hosting hundreds of our clients websites to help you find the top host in United States.

Comparing Reliability

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Web HostNo. of ChecksPage loading TimeUPTIME PercentageSCOREOverall RatingREVIEWS
WebHosting Hub Price: 462No. of Checks: 0.3535Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 9%
iPage Price: 495No. of Checks: 0.39Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 9%
NetworkSolutions Price: 492No. of Checks: 0.36Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 7%
GoDaddy Price: 466No. of Checks: 0.3724Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 9% Price: 495No. of Checks: 0.381Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 9%
FatCow Price: 492No. of Checks: 0.4795Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 8%
Bluehost Price: 462No. of Checks: 0.5698Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 7% Price: 492No. of Checks: 0.5369Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 7%
Host Gator Price: 465No. of Checks: 0.5533Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 7%
Immotion Business Hosting Price: 492No. of Checks: 0.4746Page loading Time: 100 SecUPTIME Percentage : 8%

Page loading time and Uptime serve as the key factors in order to assess the reliability of the web hosting provider. The ratio of time when your website is operational is calculated through the Uptime whereas, how quick or late your website takes to load is calculated through the Page load time. The research has been carried out by our professionals, in order to furnish you with the most reliable host. No matter what, but no site can afford to neither fall nor make the site available which loads on a snail’s speed.

A site analysis services by the name of WebsitePulse has been used by us to monitor sites hosted by web hosting providers mentioned below. Running parallel from 4 different locations in Vancouver, St. Louis, New York and North America the uptime and page load time of below mentioned sites have been checked by this analyzer in every 15 minutes. This test enabled us to keep count on the overall reliability of these hosting services which is based upon the average performance statistics of these companies.


In order to present reliable, unbiased and valuable details about products and services reviews, much effort has been put into. As part of our deal with you to offer this free information, we offer links referring back to the original website, letting us earn commissions. We hope our honest efforts of bringing thorough information to you does not influence any material we are sharing through this platform.

Our Performance Evaluation Methodology

The performance final score have been figured out on average page load time and uptime for the above cited web hosting companies based upon the evaluation upon overall rating for performance and reliability. As we are still in the process of gathering data related to above hosting providers, we’ll surely will be offering, thereby, enabling you to evaluate at your own end the credibility of claimed real performances of your hosting providers. Remember, these scores are the reflection of our assessment for the mentioned sites we have gone through. To decide for yourself before choosing the best web host for you, go through the text below to educate yourself more about Uptime and site performance.

Defining Uptime?

A standard criterion of measuring the remaining running and operational time a server has is known as “Uptime”. Which is commonly expressed as a percentage and uptime approximately 99% is the industry benchmark. None of the web hosting provider affords to have their website being crashed down or being non operational at any stage, consequently Uptime has the significant consideration at all times

How to take Uptime Percentages

When you shop for a webhost, Uptime should be the main consideration but there exists some problems with the measurement system. When it is said that uptime is commonly expressed as a percentage, it is you who evaluate the breakdown time and days of the site round the year. Similarly the 99% uptime is averaged over a year determining the 3.65 downtime per year. Furthermore, round the year uptime for any website is not possible as at points the site may be down for a couple of days, few hours or may be for few seconds, this is where you should jump in and evaluate your potential losses as they are linked with the downtime. So 100% uptime is just a myth created by this industry and companies involved in making such fake promises offer the compensation for the incurred down-time. We’ll let you know more on this, keep reading!

What these fake promises really are?

The fake promises of compensation of 100% uptime might catch your interest, but on the other hand 100% uptime deliverance is somehow a delusion in the industry. The downtime may be caused by several reasons, some of which are related to service optimization and maintenance. Some may be genuine and unexpected, but has nothing to do with 100% uptime promises. To know thoroughly, let’s go in the depth. Hypothetically to run maintenance checks, software and hardware run an up-gradation and reboot operation, shutting down the site is a must, but when these actions are planned your host sends a prior notification to you for the approaching inconvenience. There may be times when the server is still on the go and the hosting software is down; in such case even your host’s server is functional properly, your site will still be down. When this instance takes place you’re bound to check your uptime promise offered by your host, if your website is affected by the down-time. Instantly report that issue to your host in order to get reimbursed for the entire downtime of the site. Non presence of the monitoring software in your system will lead you to get reimbursed only for the time you have noticed, the rest is a dream.