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Prospective Security Drawbacks for Webhosting

The online jump for website owners is becoming more extensive because of the internet as an industry is becoming revolutionized. An average person has grabbed this as an opportunity to present oneself or business in an entrepreneurial mode thereby encouraging a trend of self-expression and empowerment. However, the risks that are involved in managing a website, you must be aware of that. Webhosting may seem simple at the surface, but it has a number of pitfalls which must be taken into consideration.

Password concern

Setting password for your hosting account is quite an important factor. Ideally password generation is recommended to be random which is why it’s suggested to keep separate passwords for each domain. Also as taught from the very outset, never base your passwords on common terms like date of births, anniversaries or names of dear ones. In addition to it, storing them in digital media or physical form should never be practiced. In case an unfamiliar IP attempts to log into your hosting account, an alert will be sent by the hosting provider. Immediately you should follow the instructions to change password for security purpose.


Sometimes you may receive emails that appear like being sent from your hosting company but they in fact are being sent by someone who is attempting to gain access to your personalized account. The aim of such emails is to hoard you via following the link developed by the hacker to resemble your host’s website. In case you accidently enter the username or password, the hacker gets access to your website.

The easiest way to check is by observing the sender’s email before you click the link. The domain name after the @ symbol must match the web host’s domain name. In case you are in doubt, direct this email to your web host’s helpdesk.

Content of Website

With your website being expanded, there is a likelihood of you adding more and more files, scripts and databases to the directories. Depending upon your website’s growth, the important thing for you is to ensure that only those files stay on your directory that are required. i.e. for security purpose, delete those files that are no longer needed. This benefits you by keeping hackers away in terms of them not being able to access the root directory through the clutter existing on your website for no good reason. Avoid clutter and save sensitive information by actively removing files not functionally contributing to your website.

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Scripts and Snippets of codes

Since scripts and snippets of codes are adding functionality to your website and therefore have more chances of getting affected due to their very nature. Scripts are benign in the very outset; they with time become incompatible with the operating system. Such changes result in security exploits. And outdated script gives an easy website access to the hacker because software is seldom static especially in case of internet.