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Bluehost Web Hosting Reviews

Key Features

  • Space- Unlimited
  • Bandwidth- Unlimited
  • Domains- Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts – Unlimited
  • MySQL Databases- Unlimited
  • Control Panel- Cpanel

Price: $2.95 per month

Average Uptime: 99.9%

Average Load Time: 616 ms


In the world of webhosting, since 1996, this service provider has made its mark as a reliable and long-standing power bolt. In terms of technology advances, their core strength lies in doing much in-house instead of relying on outside companies for maintaining redundant servers and extra-resilient backup support. Almost same when it comes to pricing options, they leave you all impressed when you break down their features and drill down a little to understand the package plans and the added features. Over 1.6 million domain names are what they currently host.

Web Hosting Plans:

Network solutions took a lot of time in the process of setting a range of hosting plans and finally they came with three optimized packages. The initial basic package which offers unlimited bandwidth, 300 GB of disk space, 100 email accounts is known as Essential Hosting. This package has a lot more to offer including 25 MySQL databases, 25 FTP accounts, and easily approachable website development features. Professional hosting plan which is commonly a midlevel package is mostly suitable for larger personal projects and small businesses. This package offers lot of enhancements like 2500 email accounts, 500 GB disk space, 50 MySQl and FTP accounts. Most full of features enriched package is Premium hosting. Unlimited disk space, email accounts, FTP accounts and MySQL databases are offered to users in this package. It may cost three times more as compared to the basic package but only this plan is suitable for medium to large business and for large scale websites with huge demands.

The great thing about this web host is that you get almost everything in an unlimited capacity. BlueHost is equipped with offering you all built into a quite simple plan suited for both small to medium size websites. MySQL databases, email accounts, FTP accounts, domain hosting and unlimited bandwidth – all fall in your lap with this hosting plan. Even a free domain name registered for a year is what you also get for a small amount. Caps are sure to exist in case of massive installations and extremely popular websites, BlueHost has established a proven track record of offering moderate-sized websites and unlimited usage.

Getting Value for Money:

The BlueHost plans works well for those businesses who are interested to have many small domains being managed under a single account. A large fleet of domains can be managed under one hosting provider and BlueHost offers a little bit extra of what small-scale website owners are looking for. Basic plan comprises of primary domain registration, setup and a few add-ons as extra features. The extras can be added annually at a very nominal fee. The most significant of all packages is the Pro package giving access for SiteBackup Pro, spies in memory and space usage, SSL Certificate, dedicated IP address and domain name privacy.

Customer Support:

BlueHost is well known for its customer service. Some reports of outages and lost data have been witnessed, however customer services team has been of great help and they have extended enough support to successfully resolve customer queries and issues. Account throttles at times have happened at peak usage hours. Pro plan includes more resources, yet, what matters is that web host plan must clearly define the boundaries of basic account i.e. the extent of it being unlimited.


Uptime maintenance always ends on a good note with BlueHost. Since they have made their presence and way of working as a “Do-it-all” performing much in-house; you wouldn’t have to wait for having your problem fixed. They are sailing smooth with a satisfied customer base, whilst, a small user fraction has sometimes come across experiences of lost data and outages.

Ease of Use:

The customized version of its cPanel offered via this web host is quite intuitive and easy to use. Adjusting to BlueHost from another hosting company is not at all troubling. With time you will find that the changes will make things quite easy at your end. It’s even simpler and quick to install Joomla, WordPress or any other CMS system. Registering at BlueHost is very transparent and painless. It’s always wise that as a user you comprehend well what is going to be billed to your credit card.

Bottom Line:

Since BlueHost is in business for over 15 years and enjoys a well-retained customer base, this demonstrates their commitment and sheer passion to be on the right track. The claims to offer unlimited services as part of hosting packages appear somewhat dubious because a large number of customers never came close to their undefined caps existing in their system. For a webmaster looking for a budgetary deal, BlueHost is sure to keep up with the promises of providing great commitment to uptime and excellent customer service.