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WebHostingHub Web Hosting Reviews

Key Features

  • Unlimited space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Offered domains: Add-on domains, unlimited sub-domains and free registration
  • Offers MySQL Database: Unlimited
  • FTP Accounts: Unlimited
  • Control panel: Cpanel

Price: $5.99 per month

Average Uptime: 99.9%

Average Load Time: 616 ms


The main reason for the popularity of WebHostingHub is that it is enabling its users to setup a site in a short time of 5 minutes. The company is in business from 2001 and they are highly experienced in working with different types of clients and businesses for creating their websites. For both highly experienced professionals and beginners you can have a simple, features enriched and easy to use website. The company offers some services and free of cost tools including Credit cards acceptance and email marketing tools for making your work more easy and successful.

Web Hosting plans:

WebHostingHub offers a shared plan. Unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disk storage space are the offers included in this shared hosting plans. The customers will not need to worry about the traffic on the site and number of stored files. The customers also have the facility of adding unlimited amount of sub-and add-on domains along with free domain registration. The control panel has a lot to offer with multipurpose functionality and give control in user’s hands alongwith a unique feature that it can be used like a word processor. The new customers are privileged by 90 days many back guarantee provided by WebHostingHub.
Large sites which demand high resources are facilitated by the offer of dedicated hosting and virtual private servers (VPS). Prices and plans are different for all cases. Customers can contact support staff and can have the details required. On each plan there are some bonus offers like being able to integrate with a shopping cart, addition of forums, blog on site and credit card payments collection.

Pricing Concerns:

One of the main concerns about a webhost is its cost effectiveness. The primary hosting plan called the basic shared hosting plan is truly worth your money. By only spending some dollars a month you can get a professional site filled with shopping cart system of your own along with acceptance of credit cards and facility of taking orders. According to your needs, interest forums, blogs, databases or product catalogs can be added. Site can be accessed by cell phones as they are compatible with them so customers can place orders simply anywhere at any time with their smart phones.

Customer Support:

Customer support is always available anytime but the services provided by WebHostingHub are so easy to use that customers will rather find any problem or require any assistance. Support staff is friendly and willing to support in anyway 24/7. They are easily accessible through email by a simple form available on the website. In case you want your queries to be resolved quickly; online chat and phone calls are easy methods.

In case someone wants to search out answers to his own questions then searching through is an option. A question page with frequently asked questions is available by which most questions can be answered.


Finding the website of the host and whether it is easily accessible or not is always a question to be asked and answered by most of the customers. Main point behind this question is how trustworthy the hosting company is. WebHostingHub ensures 99.9% uptime guarantee. A highly amazing service of the company not offered by others is that without any down time one can simply transfer over an already made website.
Site backup and security is maintained at regular basis. For enhancement of security and reliability, password protected directories and free backup wizards are there as well.

Ease of use:

By templates and drag and drop editor, building a site seems so much easy. By the use of Cpanel working with files, adding or deleting never looked confusing. With only a few clicks you are able to execute and manage tasks plus check your stats. After the installation of extra scripts, some tools and services only need a single mouse click, together with addition of a blog.

Bottom line:

WebHostingHub is valuable for everyone depending upon one’s practical knowledge and expertise. Anyone can build a professionally designed website that is easy to control, easy to use and which can work at anytime.