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FAQs – Web Hosting

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Whenever you decide to launch your website, you would have to be engaged with a web hosting firms; however, due to a large number of companies exhibiting their own terms and conditions, a good knowledge of them is imperative to make a best decision for yourself.

We have developed a guide for you to create a comprehensive understanding of commonly asked questions regarding Web Hosting. Let’s ponder over them.

Q: What exactly web hosting means?

Ans: A website necessarily has to be hosted before it can be viewed by anyone. A number of ways exist to make this a reality. One option is to fund a free web host server but this may result in you being notified by a great number of pop-ups or ads on your own website. On the contrary, for a complete control over your website, the best deal is to get a domain name for your website through a payment option.

Q: What is the meaning of domain name?

Ans: Domain name is actually a method through which your website is recognized. First portion comprises of website name that is set by the owner whereas the second portion represents top level domain to which your website belongs to i.e. often “.com”, “.net”, “.org” and many more. This portion dictates the type of your website, which also indicates the purpose for which the website exists. For example “.com” stands for commercial use, “.org” for charities and yet “.gov” government. “” primarily represents a British company.

Q: What is meant by bandwidth?

Ans:  Bandwidth means the amount of data transferred by a website every month based on the traffic. Such requirement arises out of one’s sheer purpose. Those running huge company websites or forums need a large amount of bandwidth, whilst, personal blog owners require a minimum bandwidth to meet their website needs.

Q: How to determine the amount of disk space needed?

Ans:  Like Bandwidth, disk space is also associated with the core purpose for which the website is created. The amount of space used depends if the website has graphics, emailing requirements and there exists files to be downloaded. For example, an e-commerce website or those that have a requirement to share files often need huge amounts of disk space contrary to text bloggers requiring a low amount of the same.

Q: How to understand what paid hosting is all about?

Ans: There are 3 ways through which paid hosting works.

Shared hosting is the most economical option and is suited when a website is one of the many placed on a server.
In case of a website which is quite busy, a dedicated server always works better to meet its needs. In this case your website exists only on one server but that server exists in someone else’s ownership.
Yet another is a co-located server which qualifies you as an owner but requires you to make a payment to someone else who will be keeping it.

Q: What is the cost of web hosting?

Ans: This entirely depends on the type of web hosting you choose. As described above, since many companies have a shared service of being on a single server, expenses are spread across a wide number of users and thus savings are reaped accordingly. Shared hosting usually charges $ 8 per month, offering a free domain, fair amount of monthly space and many other features. With dedicated servers, this prices touches $ 75 on a monthly basis.

Q: How to identify the top hosting company?

Ans: Not a single company is equipped to offer all features that meet everyone’s needs. In order to ease your decision making process, we have developed a comparative analysis and have brought in light top web hosting companies with their plans to meet your needs.
Amount of available space and monthly bandwidth are 2 most important elements you must consider when shopping for a web host. Obviously, the more the amount required the higher the cost to be paid. Other important things to consider are support for various programming languages, operating systems the server is using e.g. UNIX or Windows and yet again SSL which is quite significant for e-commerce websites.
Other primary components to be considered are: customer support, reliability, uptime, price and last but not the least; overall customer satisfaction. We are hopeful that detailed editorial and customer reviews presented on our website will surely be helpful when choosing a web host provider for you.

Q: How to proceed once web hosting company has been finalized?

Ans: Once a final decision has been made, select the hosting plan that meets your needs. In case you still do not feel being on right track, contact the customer support representative and get more information to make your decision and thereby register.
Be mindful, in regard to prices, companies usually charge a monthly credit card, but offer discounts if payment is made for entire year. Help is provided to upload files to servers as well as through tutorials. File uploading is most performed through file transfer protocol such as FTP programs like WS_FTP or SmartFTP. Also name server information must be asked for to be put with the newly purchased domain name. The domain name does not direct you to the new website right away but do so at a notice of 72 hours.

Q: What should I do, if I don’t find my answer here?

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