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WordPress Hosting- Is It Different than Others?

If you are planning to build a website, you must look for a hosting plan because without a webhosting plan you website cannot be live on the internet for people to access it. Purchasing a hosting plan means that you buy bandwidth and disk space on hosting company’s server. This server is the actual place where you are storing all your files and this also allows visitors to interact with your website.

There are many different types of webhosting plan availables as different brands and via different companies that are designed to meet particular needs of their clients. WordPress has been designed to meet the requirements of both the visitors and owners of the website.

WordPress Defined

WordPress is open source software available on the internet allowing customers to create great blogs and websites. This is a great option because it provides a user-friendly mode to publish content with the help of customizable website templates.

WordPress Hosting Explained

WordPress Hosting in simple terms means to the specific types of hosting plans that are particularly suited to support WordPress Websites. Different types of hosting plans exist in order to connect to your WordPress website. Also you can opt for free hosting offered by WordPress. A free WordPress subdomain, for example, is a hosting model offered to the customers. Along with this free space on server is also provided.

What makes WordPress Hosting Unique?

There are different types of hosting plans to meet the need of beginners as well as business executives. The most popular amongst them are shared hosting plans. The shared hosting plans are perfect for small businesses or personal ownerships. There are no unnecessary features which are mostly needed for demanding and extensive websites. It’s also quite user-friendly.

The statistics of common features is a key element which differentiates WordPress hosting from regular hosting. Powerful plans that offer unlimited disk space, unlimited email accounts and unlimited bandwidth etc. has turned into a norm in terms of features offered by best webhosting companies.  All these features seem quite attractive, however, only large website owners avail them to their full capacity. WordPress websites are generally made for small websites that have their presence over the internet. Such websites usually comprise of small businesses, individual initiatives and blogs. This is quite price-friendly because it offers only the required things to its users at a particular point in time.

How to sign up for Managed WordPress Hosting?

WordPress easily gets installed on regular webhosting plan till the time they are capable of supporting the right versions of MySQL and PHP. The changes are subjected to the release of WordPress according to which the relevant software is installed on the server. These plans are available with pre-packaged or pre-installed versions of the software thus demonstrating them as totally out-of-the-box service that doesn’t require any setup. This serves great for those users who are unfamiliar with the website’s backend system. Along with WordPress features a managed service to automatically optimize and perform bug fixes. Also recommended set of plug-ins come with the package.