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Is WordPress only a Blogging Platform?

The general visitor or internet user regards WordPress as software available only for blogging. This is true in terms of its inception phase only where it projected itself as software for blogs, enabling users to have their own internet presence through offering them sub-domains.  Back in 2003, when it started till now, it has developed itself into a comprehensive open source Content Management System (CMS). Due to its universal acclaim and user-friendly interface, a large number of people have started to use WordPress to establish and enhance non-blogging experience. This is because WordPress offers a realm of powerful development tools both for professionals and beginners.

Beyond Content Management Capabilities

The power of WordPress has become evident from its use as a trusted CMS for individuals as well as small businesses as a step beyond mere blogging perspective.  Adding new pages, structuring them and changing layout ,are amazingly easy. Also embedding multimedia to your website in addition to adding unique widgets and plugins (e.g. Google Maps) or specialized SEO tools is quite simple. The beautifully formatted templates can be easily customized.

The most important advantage of using WordPress as a CMS is installing custom themes. The developing community designs them to meet the needs of other websites instead of blogs. The categories pertain to e-commerce, entertainment, business and magazines. What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) Editor is a powerful customization features that is especially incorporated for non-technical users, enabling website owners to commission a web developer for custom themes, menus and abilities to CMS.

WordPress Hosting’s Evolution

The latest version of WordPress has met more than 65m downloads making almost 10% of entire internet being swamped with WordPress websites. More good has been offered through the continuation of free website templates and free hosting to all users on the sub-domain ( i.e.

Those having free accounts on a sub-domain get ample disc space, high reliability and bandwidth. Installation of custom domain lets you build websites on a different server and also the ability to choose hosting provider suited to their website.

Hosting Options

Varying hosting plans exist to manage WordPress sites such as basic hosting or shared hosting. They work best for those who are totally new to the hosting world because of being simple and user-friendly.

Shared hosting plans have user-friendly control panels and interfaces. This depicts that blogging is a mere component of the entire package. The control panel works to provide plug-ins and widgets for privacy statements, customer testimonials, product reviews; terms and conditions etc. Articles and portfolios are usually managed on WordPress websites as a blogging function making them just a small part of the overall feature list.

Those users who are really interested to have a large customized website they should opt for Dedicated WordPress Hosting or VPS. Both of these options are complex, however, they offer high security and more customization.

As a trusted partner, WordPress is equipped to cater to your needs, can host a large amount of content going beyond regular blogging.