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We tested over 30 host providers and cross tested it with 10 years of data hosting hundreds of our clients websites to help you find the top host in United States.

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iPage Hosting Reviews

Key Features

  • Space- Unlimited
  • Free Google Credit – $100
  • Domain- Free
  • Email Accounts- Unlimited
  • MySQL- Unlimited
  • Sitelock Security Suite- Free

Price: $1.99 per month

Average Uptime: 99.84%

Average Load Time: 994 ms


Since 2010, iPage has maintained the position of the top web hosting company amongst the 10 displayed and it is expected to keep the same place in the near future. Their comprehensive hosting packages ensure that building and maintaining an online presence is a desirable, interesting and friendly experience. The basic iPage plans are equipped with many free marketing credits to establish your website’s face, easy to use site-building tools and an award winning customer support experience.

As a partner in your success, iPage has endeavored to offer your own Account Manager upon obtaining iPage account. The expert staff contacts you when you sign up and walk you through setting up your account in order to build online the presence. Customer service and user-friendliness is just the outset of your incredible experience with iPage. Learn more about features and technical details to enhance your experience.

iPage Web Hosting Technology:

One step ahead than accessibility, iPage is dedicated to offer influential web hosting service, simply put; iPage ensures your website keeps running at an optimal pace. Highest quality Dell servers run the entire system and keep up with high end processing time and fast on-site experience. Dual OC-48 connections on varied backbones certainly proclaim that enough bandwidth is available to manage high traffic.
Through this platform you will see that their control panel is quite easy to use and handle. Uploading of additional files, products, videos, images and audio is quite handy through a built in FTP account. Terrific for query driven sites and using catalogs – a customer receives an unlimited number of MySQL databases.

iPage Pricing

The value you receive for the invested amount is one of the foremost considerations when selecting a web hosting service provider. Amongst myriads of hosting plans, it gets difficult to choose the right provider but in case of iPage the situation is quite clear. You get all sales and special deals, seasonal offers as a complete package at an extraordinarily low price.

iPage Support & Complaints

Regardless of you being a geek or a technical nerd, iPage is equally geared to serve all its customers. iPage has risen above customer expectations in the areas of knowledge, friendliness and response time. iPage offers FAQ section, comprehensive knowledgebase and online tutorials in addition to phone and email support and live chat option for all customers.

Dedicated Account Management is what makes iPage an exclusive deal. Your personal account manager will contact you via call within 48-72 hours when you sign up with iPage. The professional expertise is extended to support you in handling your hosting and settings optimization. A round the clock highly professional support experience is what makes your life easier because you can contact a real person to answer your queries during office hours and also via a direct phone number.

iPage Reliability

When talking about establishing an online presence, reliability is one of the most important factors that come under discussion. 99.9% uptime is claimed by many web hosting service providers but what really matters is living up to that claim. This is why reliability’s importance is undeniable because continuous accessibility to website is what makes the customers stick.

When you sign up with iPage you will receive equipment and enhanced security suite to manage things at your side. Entire network 24/7 stays under strict monitoring of iPage’s administration team at two data center locations and backup servers. This ensures that all files on your website are always protected. Reliability factor for your website under iPage scrutiny is also influenced by load balancing, which is effectively managed.

Developing a WordPress Website (SEO)

In today’s times, customers want to have their expectations exceeded on every service encounter. And iPage for that matter is making it a reality by not just offering web hosting services but a complete website development solution. As part of this package, their easy to use design tools, professional templates and Drag and Drop Site builder is available for free. Needless to worry about having no design capabilities as iPage takes care of it all by including step-by-step guide to ease the process, as simple as using a word processer. All your files and statistics can easily be accessed through control panel.

iPage Pros & Cons

Both beginners and professionals can easily benefit from the platform of iPage. Excellent service and a large number of features ensure success to all customers.