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Web Hosting’s Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid

When selecting a web host from a giant pool of companies in the market, it is necessary to choose with a thorough evaluation. There are certain tips which when kept in mind returns in a beneficial way. It is always important to understand these factors before a contract is signed with a web hosting company.

Unlimited Bandwidth – Assuming it to be real

It’s a definite fact that every web host will oversell the amount of traffic being offered. Most of the websites, regardless of what they actually offer, require high degree of bandwidth. Many websites are either keeping a few pieces of media or they go with only images and text. The change comes into picture when you start dealing with streaming video or music. Unlimited bandwidth appears to be a great offer but it’s hardly provided. You just have to check that enough is available to make things work for you adequately.


Market research is very important for a comparative analysis before you finalize a web hosting company. This is necessary because certain hosting providers consider you as a new customer who has no knowledge and they may charge you around $40 for the lowest tier of services. Take a good note of what you are actually looking for. This will enable you to stay on track and keep yourself away from all cash reaping low quality providers. The underlying fact is that rock bottom price is not sure to serve you well when you are in line for a weekly service.

Bearing Poor Customer Service

Customer service is the most important element that you will never think of comprising on. When it works well, you are not getting any issues. However, problems do occur and what really matters is the access you have to your hosting provider. At any point in time, the kind of customer service you are getting determines the caliber of web host’s quality. You should be in a capacity to contact the customer service unit round the clock. The team should be available to resolve your queries, must have enough knowledge and must be friendly. If it’s not the case, you should immediately consider switching your web host.

Not upgrading at the right time

You may have started on a fairly lower magnitude, however, when you feel like growth is your hallmark and you don’t upgrade at that time will turn all your plans to a giant sabotage.

Neglecting Reviews

Since a lot of web host’s exist in the market, it’s important to determine which are good and which are average. A little bit of research about the customer experience can turn in your favor. What really matters is the first hand learning experience you can get your hands on. The reviews on the website might not be that much authentic. Therefore look for valid reviews; pass on a few bad ones but its alarming to see an angry note one after the other.