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Windows vs UNIX Hosting

One of the key determinants of website development includes the operating system platform on which your webhosting is based on. The two main operating systems are: Windows and UNIX.  Each operating platform has its own advantages and disadvantages depending upon the different features they are equipped to offer. It may seem nearly impossible to determine which platform will work best for which situation, however, when you are well aware of what you exactly want, you can easily opt for what suits you. Your hosting requirements depend upon the type of language your website is running on.

The use of word “operating system” used here is not linked to desktop computers or laptops. There is a fair possibility of designing a website using a Microsoft product and easily host it at a web server that has UNIX installed onto it. This isn’t simply required with the other one.

Stability of the operating system

In terms of stability, UNIX performs better than its counterpart. There are many factors which must be considered; however, when talked in a broader perspective, UNIX works well when there is a high load on server. Where Windows require rebooting on regular basis, UNIX on the other hand can run for a long period of time without a need to reboot. UNIX systems therefore are regarded highly stable, reliable and available with high uptime rates.

Overall performance

Which system performs better than other totally depends on the requirements a person may have or the situational demands. Normally it appears that UNIX server’s overall performance is better as compared to Windows especially in case of managing huge loads.


It is noted that if a website is designed on a UNIX server then it can be easily hosted on a Windows server. However, the opposite is not practical indeed. This simply shows that in terms of compatibility, UNIX is a better option.


Tons of websites over the internet cannot survive the stormy competition if they decide to live with the old and boring technology. With time, business expands and so does the websites. They earn more influence and gradually increase in size. Both operating systems are equipped to support a website’s growth needs, however careful analysis reveals that Windows is more empowered to support its users when it comes to some of the best compatibility solutions pertaining to one’s growth.

For Microsoft technologies like .NET or VisualBasic, UNIX based software does not provide the level of compatibility solutions as required. Windows is a better in case you are interested to go for these options.

The Cost factor

Linux and UNIX based systems are open source and they can be easily installed without spending a single penny. However Windows based servers are quite expensive and require a fair amount of investment. This means you would have to not only focus on the server cost, but licenses and other expenses are also part of the deal.
In a nutshell, UNIX hosting is more stable and compatible, whereas, Windows works best in terms of compatibility needs.