Best Web Hosting 2021


We tested over 30 host providers and cross tested it with 10 years of data hosting hundreds of our clients websites to help you find the top host in United States.

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Reasons to go for Free Web Hosting

Many people undermine the credibility of free webhosting over paid services. However, this is not always the case. Free hosting providers most of the time offer the same level of security that is being granted by paid webhosts. The only factor to consider is reliability. The free servers are equally reliable when you are creating and publishing your own website. They offer the same level of guaranteed uptime as would be available through a paid web host. In addition to this, port speed and network bandwidth are same; delivering a speedy and flawless experience to the visitors.

Small differences do exist when analyzing the features of free and paid web hosting; however, many benefits of free hosting simply outweigh the high costs demanded by paid webhosts.

Web Storage

Individuals have the concept that web storage space offered by free webhosts is not adequate when compared to paid providers. Many fail to realize that in reality websites do not require a highly extended amount of space to operate their ever-growing sphere. Regular small business and personal websites can easily do well with the amount of storage free web hosts offer. Even if at a point in time you require some extra space, you can easily obtain it for a small fee. Even if the traffic is at peak; your storage space stays adequate enough to manage the data transfer.

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Features offered by free webhosts are normally the same as given by paid webhosting providers. The list ranges from easy one-click forum add-ons to ecommerce support installed on free web hosts. Whenever you think about deciding for a web host, always carefully analyze the features being offered and select one accordingly. See what benefits you the most. Small website owners can easily benefit from the features provided by free hosts. Paid hosting most of the time caters to the needs of large scale websites that have a high traffic.

Trying free hosting

If you are new to web hosting, it’s always advisable to test the waters first. This means before you think about expanding your business or purchasing a web hosting package, try availing the services of free webhosting. This is quite similar to paid hosting services but just without a few features. You can try out different free hosting packages to see what really suits you. If the package is meeting your needs, keep running your website on it for a while, however, where website requires upgrades simply switch to a paid hosting plan. In case you are concerned about using the same domain name you started off with your free host with, you can still upgrade by paying a small fee on an annual basis to the free web host for transferring to .com or .net domain. You will still be using free web hosting services but at a cost.


Free web hosting is equipped to offer high quality customer support round the clock while some may be available for selected hours. This simply depends on your package.